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Proper link Building on the Web Show How Stable You Are.?

Links have been the primary way for a website to grow much before the other factors were counted. For a website or business that is looking for a reputation online may not be able to achieve its goals without quality links. The definition of quality links has changed a lot since the 90’s and we have made it our job to follow every development. Our every minute consumed on finding ways to do effective linking may become your benefit to compete and flourish.

We help you meet the relevant websites which helps add potential strength to your online presence. From there, the team at AM Soft Tech plans and establishes the content connection, so that crawlers may later find and approve your website’s valid partnership with the other strong contender on the web.


We believe in earning the links for your website and we have a perfect mixture of abilities to make that happen.

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Authority Check

As a foremost step, we find the correct partners for you. So, we first check potential in the globally popular websites that may contain your link and may add to your authority.

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Authoritative Content

Between what is interesting for the viewers of a website and what will seem valid to link your website, we work on a meaningful intersection.

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Finding the Relevant Profile

A content based websites normally have more than one authors. If you’re projecting a cause in the content, you will also have to look for a profile which has shown authority or care for the subject in the past, so that readers as well as search engines may relate to it.

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Choosing Right Anchors

Besides the coding that are for the web crawlers to follow, humans will read the visible text and follow your link. We choose keywords or otherwise where appropriate, so that the readers follow exactly what they are looking for.

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Deciding between Follow and No-Follow

Most SEO services in Karachi focus on providing no-follow links which are no instant boost for the website. However, since these links do get human exposure, we don’t vote it out. We just input our SEO energy in places, where it may be productive.

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Mapping the assets of the website

A successful link building campaign is drawn around the assets of the website. These assets may be anything from content to product of the business. For the real link juice, we propose our clients to give potential audience a part of their meaningful asset.

Link Building Process

Link Analysis

Before, we apply a new link building campaign to your website, we perform a thorough check to see what’s already there. If you’ve fallen for bad links in the past, we will do measures to protect your website’s future from the adversity of bad link juice.

Help You Disown the Bad Links

When it comes to search engines, starting over is difficult unless you decide to do it with a different domain. To make the brand name you already have, work, we will advise you whether you should remove these links or disown them. The possible action depends on the weight of the dark links in your past.

Competitor Research

We prefer building on safe grounds and therefore we thoroughly study the trends of any industry we are working on. We discover what’s already there so we can take a step forward and make the hyperlinks for our clients an actual benefit. In the process of following competitors, we learn the mistakes to avoid and prospects that may give greater benefit.

Shaping the New Link Building Strategy

We will cover everything from researching and choosing your potential partners to planning content settings where your link will seem appropriate. Our team negotiates the affordable opportunities of link placements and will make sure that we send out what your potential audience is likely to notice and act on.


Even the content that is worthy of going viral needs pushing and endorsements before it sets off to bring you votes from the audience. So, you need the industry influencers to believe in you. With our persistent strategies to convince influencers we plan for you to go to those eyeballs that are unlikely to ignore you.


The search engine radars are never more alert when you get a vote of confidence from the readers. However, there is lots of intelligence and time required to create linkbait content. We find unique advantages for your users so that they may actually link your content in their feeds that stays there almost forever.