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When was the last time your Marketing Emails Changed Everything?

You can leave it to a tool or you can let experts at AM Soft Tech look at the deep needs and impressions that your business needs to make. Our study of Email Marketing campaigns and focused human minds give us the authority to build unique and result driven campaigns. We don’t do email marketing for tests and that is why we apply a process of behavioral planning for every business.

In the first step, we watch closely what impacts a target customers mind and what can bring new customers in to the circle. Second comes the design of an Email campaign with rich media and time schedules to influence people not just profiles. The imagination and insights doesn’t stop there. We work after every successful campaign to find out what has worked and how it can evolve.

Do you want a research upgrade for your next campaign? Find out the unique features of our Email Marketing Plan.


Do you want a research upgrade for your next campaign? Find out the unique features of our Email Marketing Plan.

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Content Plan

The creative professionals of Karachi will help you produce relatable content at AM Soft Tech. Our copywriters put lots of dedication into conceiving the vibe that the target audience may believe in.

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Email Designs

Email is not all about words or offers. The modern email marketing is equally reliant on an inspiring design. You can choose from themes too but what we create is personalized and follows the vibe of your brand too.

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Every minute of online consumers is valuable to the marketers. Our data collecting points are deeper and diverse. With our work on this treasure, you have the most unique advantage over profiles.

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Unique Aspects

Email Marketing for customers is so basic yet essential. You can try a new strategy with us by accessing influences and get their endorsements for your brand. We can help you move forward from the basic email formula.

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Data, Research and Understanding of human reactions help us with defining a time schedule that will suit the email receivers. Leave the stress of testing to us and enjoy enormous cost-saving and actual savings.

Email Marketing Process

Target Diagnosis

Whether you have a new software idea or basic staples of life, your perspective customer may pick (or drop) you for their own set of reasons. In the complex market segments, we investigate the reasons to send messages with accurate predictability.

Different Campaign for Non-Subscribers

They may have a personality profile that is very close to your current customer, but if they don’t know or remember your brand name yet, that changes the entire game. You can’t apply one formula to all. To be on their list, you will have to provide them a distinct set of benefits that are relevant to competition and time.

Pulling the Right Triggers

Email personalization is one effortless way that an email software will offer you but according to experts it may not be effective anymore. We at AMSoftTech advise our clientele to give their customers an appropriate space before going too intimate. Building trust even with the right consumer is important.

Solution Before Selling

An email is different from banner ads, period. Customizing the banners in an email will have you end up in spam very soon. Even when you’re sending these emails to people who have shopped from you before. Email is personal, email is in very control of the customer and that’s why you should drop solution in their inbox rather than a proposition to sell.

Deliver and Forward

Emails, time and actions by the target customers are a whole science that an expert understands. If you take our help, we will change our time schedules, colors and so many things at a time to make the desired action happen.