It is no hidden that search engines chance their algorithms time to time. Every time when search engines launch a new update, than businesses have no options other than to follow it. If businesses stick to the obsoleted one and follow the unethical practices, search engines penalize websites. We strongly boycott the practice those are evil for search engines such as spyware, adware, or viruses, clocking, hidden text or links, deceptive redirects, keyword stuffing, irrelevant keyword,  duplicate content, thin content and such others.
AM Soft Tech always keeps an eye on the updates of search engine and practice them to the projects we cater. Out Team works smartly and is capable to cater even that website that is hit by search engine because of not following the updates and recovers. The qualified team of AM Soft Tech works hard to undertake all the options and possibilities to make website for reconsideration to search engine. We do diagnosis of the website and work for the issue. After analyzing the issue its time for removal of the issue and websites steps ahead towards recovery. This is how your website gets recover from the penalties and it creates a win-win situation for our clients and for us.